Downloadable pack - 115 MB

• 1182 x 24 bit wav samples
The wav files will open in any sampler that can load 24 bit wav files.
• Plus the DMX droove templates
• Geist - 12 x Presets and 16 kits
• Battery 3 - 15 x Kits
• Maschine 1 & 2 - 12 x Kits
• Reason 4 - 11 x ReDrum, 8 x NNXT and 11 x Combi

All sounds in the demos are from this pack


The CustomDMX was made using the DMX and Prommer. Many will know the legendary DMX drum machine... However the Prommer is a little less known. It is a sampler that can burn EPROMs for use in certain drum machines including the DMX.

Countless hours were spent creating these 8 bit custom EPROMs. Then installing them in the DMX and recording the result . This was definitely a labour of love! Get hold of some really unique old school drum sounds.

More Info +

The Battery 3 Kits can be loaded into Kontakt.

A back-up CD can be sent for a small extra fee

16 bit MPC users: All the samples in this product are 24 bit. You will need to convert them to 16 bit to use them in your MPC. This can be done using an audio batch converter.

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