Downloadable pack - 426 MB

• 3498 x 24 bit wav samples
The wav files will open in any sampler that can load 24 bit wav files.
• Guru - 18 x Bundles and 18 kits
• Battery - 18 x Kits

All sounds in the demos are from this pack

Tape Drum Machines Vol 3

More drum machines given some tape love!

12 Drum Machines and 3 Tape Machines.

Drum Machines used: RZ-1, TR-55, XD-5, MFB-522, DDM-110, DDM-220, DPM-48, RX-21L, R-100, ED-10, PB-300 and the DSM-1. Click to check out photo gallery of drum machines.

The Analog drum machines have been given the Round Robin treatment to recreate the feel and movement of an analog drum machine.

Tape machines used: Otari MX5050 1/4", Rolla 77 valve mono 1/4 inch, and the Hitachi Cassette deck. The UBK Fatso was also used!

All the drums have clean and tape processed versions.

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What is Round Robin? This is a function of some samplers where you can alternate between a number of different samples when a drum sound is triggered. I think this a good way to help capture the movement and feel of analog drum machines.

A back-up CD can be sent for a small extra fee

16 bit MPC users: All the samples in this product are 24 bit. You will need to convert them to 16 bit to use them in your MPC. This can be done using an audio batch converter.

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