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PabloPablo Clements (Toydrum / Unkle): part of the production collective that defies definition with its blend of electronic, hip-hop, dance and rock music. UNKLE and TOYDRUM have featured many collaborations and Pablo has worked with vocalists such as Nick Cave, Lupe Fiasco and Josh Homm

jamielidellJamie Lidell: is a British producer/musician and soul singer living in Nashville. Known for his diverse genre-exploration and amazing live shows. Signed to Warp records he has released 4 critically acclaimed albums.Also collaborated with: Gonzales, Feist, Mocky, Simian Mobile Disco and Beck..

ClarkSqr1Chris Clark: is an English electronic musician/producer currently signed to Warp Records. He has a meticulous production style and refined musicality. Clark has carved out a restless, idiosyncratic path for himself. Each release covering new sonic territory

MarkPMark Pritchard: is an English electronic musician, resident in Australia and currently signed to Warp Records. Mark has released tracks under a multitude of guises while rifling through almost as many electronic music forms. He has also collaborated with a plethora of artists: Tom Middleton, Dave Brinkworth, Steve Spacek, Wiley, Thom Yorke and Bibio... to name but a few.

RoniSizeRoni Size: is a legend in the drum and Bass scene. He and the Reprazent Crew won the 1997 Mercury prize for their album New Forms. A Bristol native... he has released records with V Recordings, Moving Shadow, Dope Dragon, Chronic, Full Cycle...

PmoneyDSC3448P-Money: is New Zealand's most renowned Producer and DJ. Recipient of the 2004 Producer Of The Year Award, P-Money has produced records for the likes of Akon, Scribe, Savage, David Dallas, Che-Fu and PNC. His music is predominantly Hip-Hop but also includes House, Dance and R&B productions in his repertoire.

BP3Beauty Pill: is a shape shifting musical project directed by Chad Clark. The two most consistent elements in Beauty Pill's music are Chad's creative vision and change. Chad has assembled and disassembled several line-ups over the years that include both one-off collaborators and regular core contributors.

ewhpress2602130248compbwsm3Electric Wire Hustle's unique sound challenges genre boundaries and preconceptions. A new twist on modern hip hop, psychedelic and soul. The music of New Zealand's EWH reaches forward while referencing key points of music's past. "This is the best, most exciting R&B, soul, electronica, whatever you want to call it, record I've heard this year." -

AdamFreeAdam Freeland: Grammy-nominated DJ/producer and man behind the band 'Freeland', founder of the acclaimed indie label Marine Parade and resident for nearly a decade at London's Fabric. One of the founding pioneers of the breakbeat movement. He has a unique ability to put a rock attitude into an electronic environment.

shesoradShe's So Rad: is a three piece act of Jeremy Toy, Anji Sami and Tom Healy. The band has duo vocals, guitar, bass and synthesizer with electronic drums and midi sequencing. Described (Sunday Star Times, NZ) as warm clouds of distortion and feedback cloaking every sound and gorgeous hazy melodies that swirl around you like smoke.

JViewsEilonPazSmallJ.Viewz: is the multi-genre project of electronic-music producer Jonathan Dagan. With the collaboration of many diverse musicians in the studio, The J. Views presents a unique blend of Breakbeat, Nu-Folk, Nu-Rock, Nu-GeneraliMusic, NuKvar and basically anything Nu...

thebug1The Bug: The Bug is the main current music project of London-based producer Kevin Martin. The Bug's music draws influence from dancehall, noise, grime, and hip hop. More subtle influences include dubstep and the dubtronica and broken techno of Basic Channel and Pole.

Dom And Roland: is drum and bass producer Dominic Angas. A major proponent of the techstep style of drum and bass, he was signed to Moving Shadow although he released on other drum and bass labels including 31 recs, Prototype, and Renegade Hardware. He has his own label Dom & Roland Productions (DRP).

Recloose5Recloose: Is a producer & DJ originally from Detroit... now living in New Zealand. He has released 4 albums, countless remixes and is an in demand club DJ. He also hosts his own radio show.

ChicoChico Mann: a time-travelling multi-instrumentalist-producer who with drum machines, synthesizers, and guitars has singlehandedly filled the 30+ year gap between afrobeat, afrocuban, freestyle and electronic music while throwing a wrench into the cogs of musical history.

luke2150smallLuke Slater: is a very prolific recording artist working under several pseudonyms making a wide variety of electronic music. Luke's vinyl debut was unleashed in 1989 under the Translucent moniker entitled "Momentary Vision". Many more have followed...

CordavanGreg Reeves aka Cordovan: is a bassist and producer/remixer located in Los Angeles. He has produced and remixed artists ranging from Bob Marley to Sarah Vaughan to Bird York...

MORGANZarate4059smMorgan Zarate: is a London based and bred producer/dj. He has been developing his unique brand of future hip hop/R&B since early 2000. Produced songs for soul legends Raphael Saadiq and Amp Fiddler... and tracks for Ghostface Killah, Dilla's favorites Frank n Dank, Musiq Soulchild, UK's finest Eska.

Joker1Joker: is an immensely precocious talent, he burst onto the Dubstep and Grime scenes in 2008 with the vibrant 'Grimey Princess' and 'Gully Brook Lane'. Although born to Grime and adopted by Dubstep, Joker refuses to be tagged.

MoogEditedThomas Schumacher was eleven years old when Depeche Mode released Construction Time Again. "I'll never forget sitting at home, listening to the album in my headphones, trying to figure out how they made those sounds."

Thirty-five years later, Thomas Schumacher still burns with curiosity. The Berlin-based DJ and producer makes light of his status as one of the most successful, versatile artists in electronic music. "What I love about Techno is that it demands that you constantly challenge and reinvent yourself. Techno is not just a tool to make people dance" he says, "it is a very personal, intimate way of connecting.”

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