If the product you have purchased has a PDF document included I would highly recommend reading it as it has useful information about the product.

A lot of customers have 16 bit hardware samplers and use batch converters to convert my samples to 16 bit. It is reasonably easy to do and there are plenty of software solutions that can do it.

If you haven't received email confirmation for your purchase there could be a number of reasons for this. First you may want to check your spam folder as sometimes our emails may be mistaken for junk mail. Also make sure you have used the right email address when ordering. If all else fails contact us and we will investigate.

Are Goldbaby's samples copyright free? See Terms and Conditions.

What are Zip files and how do I uncompress them? Download and install WinZip from http://www.winzip.com ... if you have a PC. Then right click and use the Winzip Extract to here tab. On Mac just double click the zip file.

How soon will I get the product once I have purchased? This shop has an automated system... so once your order has been processed successfully you should get the download instantly!

My internet connection is very slow, do you offer your products on CD? Yes we do! When ordering a product you are given the option of adding a back-up CD to your order.